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Robinson’s resignation letter from Unison

This is the resignation letter of Robinson, one of the Senate House cleaners. For background see https://bloomsburyfightback.wordpress.com/2013/04/03/unison-vs-the-workers/ and for another speech by Robinson see https://bloomsburyfightback.wordpress.com/2012/07/18/robinsons-speech-we-are-not-frightened-by-the-difficulties-we-are-not-daunted-by-threats-we-will-not-surrender/

On the 10th of April, 2013, I received an email from X on behalf of UNISON Senate House Branch. In this email I was notified of my position of steward and asked to fill out a form in order to ratify this position.

I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to inform you and the members of the Senate House Branch committee that on Saturday 6 April, 2013, after much debate in a democratic and participative assembly, we have decided to leave UNISON en masse for the following reasons:

1. The UNISON Senate House Branch is run as a dictatorship by A, B, C, X and Y (the first three are employees of UNISON);
2. We have never received moral or financial support for the 3 Cosas Campaign;
3. On the contrary these people have continually put up barriers and obstacles to our campaign;
4. The London Region UNISON employee A wrote public letters attempting to smear our campaign protests and confuse the university community;
5. The period for which the current committee leadership was elected has lapsed and hence any actions or policies of these individuals are deemed illegitimate;
6. With what can be considered at best flimsy pretexts, our elections of 8 March, 2013 were annulled;
7. We the outsourced workers feel offended, humiliated, disrespected, played for fools, and we have even entertained the notion that there is discrimination and racism within UNISON Senate House Branch.

In light of the above-listed reasons, and respectful of the democratic decision taken in the assembly of 13th of April, 2013, and as just another militant in the 3 Cosas Campaign, I hereby announce my irrevocable resignation from the position of steward and my cancellation of my UNISON membership.

The Marginalised


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