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Housing Speculation, Student Debt, Fees and Dispossession: a 21st Century Love Story – Communique concerning UCL Stratford

Cross-posted from the Imaginary Party CLOEWG. There are several questions we have all been asking over these last few years: Where will we live? How will we be able to afford such expensive rent in London? How will we find jobs that pay enough to enjoy ourselves and live in comfort? When will we pay back our student debt? How? We must … Continue reading

Pear Shaped for the Future? Report from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

During the Summer term the largest and possibly angriest meeting of UCU members took place at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). Many new members were present as they had been scared into joining by the Schools “In Shape for the future” presentations on Black Friday (30th March). In spite of claiming … Continue reading

Not in our name: Bloomsbury day of action against evictions and poor work conditions at universities

Not in our name: Bloomsbury day of action against evictions and poor work conditions at universities On Wednesday 28 November, UCL Council will discuss the university’s proposal for a £1 billion new campus in Stratford. This would mean demolishing Carpenters Estate 300 families currently live. The residents of the estate have rejected the plan. The … Continue reading

Gove not welcome at the Institute of Education

Here’s a report from an IoE student, about last week’s demo against Michael Gove, Tory minister in charge of destroying the UK’s schools. Having seen the protest posted on facebook, I went along last Saturday fuelled by hatred for Michael Gove, pleased to go and meet fellow haters and share my disgust that he would … Continue reading