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Tales from the sausage factory…

As Marx satirically depicts the production of capital, the living bodies of workers, their hands, brain, muscle and sinew, are converted into a gelatinous mass of undifferentiated human labour.  Such an industrial process cannot be reversed.  The finished commodity conceals its origins in concrete human labour.  So it is with our universities.  The liberal ideal … Continue reading

Demo: Stop the ‘New College of the Humanities’

Grayling Hall may appear as nothing more than the narcissistic fantasy of a sub-philosopher unfortunately over-inflated with Radio 4 air-time. In fact it is a serious profit making venture, a private company thrusting its way into the education sector in order to guzzle up the lucrative capital of bourgeois students desperate to separate themselves off … Continue reading

What is ‘40 Days for Life’?

If you’re reading this you’ve probably seen them, the pious, tweed-clad huddles – mostly male, embarrassingly white – standing outside the BPAS clinic in Bedford Square ostentatiously praying for the souls of Murdered Babies and Fallen Women. It’s easy to feel sorry for them – after all, they don’t look like the types to have … Continue reading