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Statement from the Bloomsbury Social Centre

bloomsburysocialcentre@gmail.com At 10.30am today, students, workers and residents from across Bloomsbury occupied a disused University property. From today, 53 Gordon Square will be renamed the Bloomsbury Social Centre. The building has been empty for three years, subject to a legal dispute over its ownership. One of the claimants, the School of Oriental and African Studies, … Continue reading

Smash Sodexo!

Staff and students from Bloomsbury demonstrated today outside the Sodexo HQ in Holburn, in protest against the appalling treatment of workers at the London Guildhall. Sodexo exploits workers across Bloomsbury in university cafeterias and hotels, as well as at the Guildhall and across London. Globally, Sodexo employs over 370,000 people, and has a track record … Continue reading