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College of North London Demo against draconian cuts

College of North East London – No Cuts! No Redundancies!!
UCU members at College of North London are bearing the brunt of 64 redundancies, which they feel are targeted at taking out a large number of the UCU branch at the college. Of the 64 job cuts, 46 are teachers, 13 support staff & 5 are managers.
The “consultation” period for the “Business Plan” started on the 21st March, but despite requesting information the unions, UNISON, Unite & UCU received no information, until Tuesday 10th May when the business plan was presented to staff & they were told they were at risk of redundancy.
At the end of the last financial year, CONEL (College of North East London) was in robust financial health. The corporation had a health surplus of 5% of total income, the highest of all FE colleges in London, and way above the 1.4 national average. It had £15.7m in cash or short term investments out of a total of £17.6m current assets, and an assets to liabilities ratio of 1.78 to 1, well in the black. Borrowing was only 2.4 of total income, compared with the overall level of 20.4% for FE colleges in England. Spending on staff was 60% of total expenditure, lower than the national figure of 64%.
CONEL tops the London table in funds and in job cuts! Other FE Colleges across London are subject to the same national funding cuts, but none are proposing redundancies on anything like the same scale as CONEL. The college with the second highest number – Ealing, Hammersmith and West London – is proposing 23 redundancies.
The union UCU is resisting the attacks and had a very lively demonstration outside the college by staff and students on the 11th May. The union is also considering industrial action to resist the cuts.
Keep an eye out on Bloomsbury Fightback for further updates and notifications of actions you can take to support the staff resisting the cuts. Messages of support can be sent to Jenny Sutton: jsutton@staff.conel.ac.uk.


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